Restitui - Logística e Transporte


Since 2011, Restitui is guided and prepared to serve the Pharmaceutic Sector.

Aligned with the market and quality differentials, determinant in this sector, Restitui has:
  • Updated authorizations and licenses for transporting medications, pharmaceutic inputs, Health Care products, Cosmetics, Hygiene Products and Food;
  • Proper vehicles;
  • Station for proper storage and cross-docking;
  • Pharmaceutic Assistance in transport operations;
  • Capacitated and updated team;
  • Fulfillment of Good Practices for Transport;
  • Ethics, Safety and Responsibility;
  • Customized Service, meeting the singularity of its operation.


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Av. Monteiro Lobato, 4550 - Guarulhos/SP CEP: 07180-000
Centro Empresarial Airport Town 2 - Galpão 9
Telefone: +55 (11) 2085.0860